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    Creative children's anti-bite finger gloves

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    • The first stage: the budding stage, when the teeth are not fully grown, already makes the baby feel uncomfortable.Stage 1 dental glue can be put into the refrigerator, and the cool touch can relieve the swelling and pain of the tooth before the baby's teeth come out.
    • Stage 2: when most babies are 6 months old, a pair of middle cut teeth in the lower jaw begin to grow when they are 6 months old.Hard tooth glue can massage tooth flesh, uneven tooth glue surface still stimulates the cerebrum development of the baby.
    • The third stage: when the upper and lower four teeth grow out, the baby will grow four side incisors and four sharp teeth (canines). It is suggested to choose the pacifier gum which is similar to the pacifier in shape, light in weight and easy to grasp. The soft and hard texture layer not only massages the meat around the newly grown teeth, but also allows the baby to experience the feeling of chewing.
    • The fourth stage: 1-2 years old 1 ~ 2 years old is the period of long milk grinding teeth, the selection of teeth can reach the range of solid dental glue, baffle to prevent the throat, and soft, hard texture layer can reduce the big teeth caused by the swelling pain, help to enhance the development of teeth, exercise chewing ability.


    • Weight:9g.
    • Color:Random.
    • Suitable age: more than 3 months.
    • Material: Food grade silicone (without bisphenol A, lead and known harmful substances) non-latex products, will not produce any allergic phenomenon to infants and children, you can rest assured to use!

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Creative children's anti-bite finger gloves.


    • Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
    • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

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